Perforated Metal Solutions for Contractors

Perforated Metal Solutions for Contractors

Your Partner for all Your Project Needs!

Perforated Metal Solutions for Contractor

Quality Materials at Low Prices

As a leading manufacturer in terms of perforation metal products, we ensure to maintain our large stock, as long as our low prices. In this case, you can have the right materials for your projects that would fit within your budget. Our professionals are also willing to guide you in finding the right product for your project. XIONGQIAN support low shipping cost and no hidden charges apply.

Strong Collaboration for the Best Possible Outcome

Our high capacity and top-quality production legacy make us a reliable source of extensive perforated metal solutions for contractors. With different specialized professionals working with us, we can optimize our capacity of providing flexible perforated metal. XIONGQIAN can assist you with the design that is required for your contract projects.

Contractor’s Material Choices

We can offer complete basic metal materials of perforated panels for contractors. You can choose from our list:


*Stainless Steel




*Galvanized Steel



Hustle-free Installation with XIONGQIAN

XIONGQIAN deeply understands the importance of easy installation which greatly need by every contractor. With this concern, we also offer components fabrication of perforated metal which is designed for easy attachment on any structural materials.

Customized Perforated Metal Advantages

Perforated metal can be flexibly customized and greatly meet every contractor’s project needs. A perforated metal that is custom-made provides great value compare to steel sheets as it can eliminate the waste of your materials. XIONGQIAN can provide an extensive variety of perforated panels for any contractors and construction projects.

Different Applications of Perforated Metal Solutions

Contractors have a wide scope of projects using perforated metal solutions, it includes:

  • Perforated metal facades
  • Perforated roofing sheet
  • Perforated security screen
  • Metal sheet gate
  • Metal windbreak
  • Metal noise barrier
  • Perforated filter
  • Metal fence
  • Metal container
  • Ceiling panels
  • Metal walkways
  • Metal sunscreens


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