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The perforated metal containers are manufactured to store or handle various items and even heavy industrial usages. Since they are made from high-quality metals, these containers come with durable and high-strength properties. Their perforated structures allow air circulation and make the stored items nearly visible. 

XIONGQIAN professionally manufactures custom perforated containers made from different metals. That helps your end customers have a wide option. You can demand your required specifications, and we will do the rest of the process. Different patterns, sizes, and thicknesses are available for customization.

As one of premier leading perforated metal container manufacturers, we not only supply custom perforated metal container, but also can help you import Metal Windbreak, Perforated Filter and more Perforated metal products at factory price. Contact us now right here!

Metal Material Selection For Perforated Metal Container

SS201 Perforated Container
  • Sturdy & durable
  • Easy to clean
  • 0.4 to 1.2mm thick
SS304 Perforated Metal Container
  • Silver color
  • 0.1 to 10mm thick
  • Custom hole shapes availability
SS316 Perforated Container
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 0.3 to 15mm thick
  • High-strength
Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel Container
  • Available in 14-20 guages
  • Custom hole shapes
  • Milled finishes
Brass Perforated Container
  • Excellent appearance
  • Available in custom sizes
  • Versatile to form
Copper Perforated Container
  • Multi-purpose
  • Durable construction
  • Safe to use
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Choose Perforated Metal Container By Shape

Why Choose XIONGQIAN Perforated Metal Container

XIONGQIAN is an experienced manufacturer of metal-made perforated containers. We are doing each level of production with the assistance of our skilled engineers and designers. Moreover, we support OEM services with low MOQ and fast delivery guarantees. 

Our perforated metal containers come with the following advantageous characteristics.

  • Bend and aging resistance
  • High-performance design
  • High corrosion-resistant capacity
  • Three times treated surface finishes
  • Certified and adheres to environmental standards
Perforated Metal Container

Perforated Metal Container Features

Environment Friendly

The metallic perforated containers are completely recyclable. It means, there’s no material waste during production. 


Compared to containers with solid styles, the perforated ones have lighter weight. That is because of their hollow structure and holes. 

Since they are not heavy, you can purchase or request bulky containers at affordable cost and shipment fee.


Since the perforated containers are made from top-quality metal materials, they usually last for more than five decades. The mentioned containers have also lesser repair and maintenance needs.

Aesthetic Look

The perforated containers are designed with various patterns, types, and shapes, depending on applications. 

Customization Availability

All specifications of perforated metal-made containers are open for customization. There are comprehensive options available for hole dimensions, hole shapes, surface finishes, thickness, sizes, and more.

Applicable Spaces

Custom sizes of perforated metallic containers are applicable in the following areas.

  • Wall
  • Bathrooms
  • Wardrobe
  • Living room
  • Behind doors
  • Kitchen
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Disinfection rooms
  • and more

Perforated Metallic Container Usages

With exact hole dimensions and body sizes, the perforated metal containers have extensive usage. That includes the following.

  • Electric wire storage
  • Tableware storage
  • Tool storage
  • Food and beverages storage
  • Laboratory sterilizers
  • Warehouse supply holders
  • and many other accessories storage

FAQ on Perforated Metal Container

How much Weight can a Metal Container Hold?

The metal container can hold up to 200+ kg based on its larger size. Yet the container’s size affects its loading capacity, which increases if substantially huge.

Do the Metal Containers Come with Finishes?

They are available with custom finishes, mainly with three particular types. 

  • Hot dip galvanized. It has corrosion-resistant—ideal for indoor application. 
  • Powder coating. This coating type is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.  
  • Zinc plated. Great for internal use as it has protective finishes with zinc. 
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