Quality Control System

Complete Set of Quality Control System

To Ensure Quality of Our Perforated Metal Products

XIONGQIAN is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and requirements. Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities. And we will accomplish that by continually enhancing our:

  • services
  • manufacturing processes
  • perforated metal products
  • systems for quality management

We implemented a strict quality control system throughout the whole manufacturing process. Our QC department examines the perforated metals as they move through each manufacturing stage, from prototype to shipment. We have a complete inspection of our raw materials. And before shipment, we always make sure that your perforated metals comply with your required tolerances and requirements.

How Our ISO Certification Helps Your Business

Short Lead Times

Our internal audits improve the efficiency of our manufacturing processes. And that allows us to deliver the perforated metals more quickly.

Better Products

You can rest assured we can deliver you the highest quality and accurate perforated metals. That is because they meet international standards.

Improved Customer Services

Following international standards have an impact on our manufacturing processes and services. It also enables us to better understand your demands.

Competitive Prices

We can offer great pricing as a result of decreased waste, increased efficiency, and operational enhancements.

Our Manufacturing Standards

Your perforated metals will be produced in accordance with the ISO, GB, and other standards. They will also be inspected in compliance with international standards, even the samples. We also ensure they are in line with the standard tolerances.

Standards & Certification

XIONGQIAN is an ISO9001-certified manufacturer which means our quality management system is certified by the ISO. Our raw materials and finished perforated metals are also compliant with the high standards in the industry, nationally, and internationally.

Advanced Equipment and Tools

At XIONGQIAN, we are equipped with advanced testing equipment and tools to ensure quality and standardized production. Some of the tests we’ve done are:

  • tensile force measurement
  • wire diameter tolerance testing
  • material testing

Clearly Tolerance

We ensure that every production step and inspection is measured and standardized. And we do that by following the highest international standards. We also use clearly tolerance during the whole production process. Through that, we can prevent errors during production. That also allows us to provide perforated metals with exceptional quality and without defects.

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