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As an experienced manufacturer, XIONGQIAN has full capabilities in providing one-stop perforated metal solutions. Among our perforated metal products include perforated composite panels, perforated checkered plates, perforated tread plates, and more.

We provide a diverse range of services from designing, development, engineering, mass production, to shipment and logistics. With our over ten years of experience in the industry, XIONGQIAN has been known as the leading perforated sheet supplier in China.

XIONGQIAN works with customers all around the world including in Asia, America, Europe, and more. We have well-trained staff and professional team to handle your best. Rest assured that we provide 100% customer satisfaction.

12 Years Manufacturing Experience
You can trust our over 12 years of expertise in perforated sheet production. We guarantee to meet all your requirements and demands.
Fully Automatic Production Line
We have complete perforated metal production line such as 18 sets of perforating presses, turret presses, press break, laser cutting, welding, and more.
One Stop Solution
Rest assured that XIONGQIAN can provide one-stop solution services according to your needs. We are expert from designing to fabrication.
Full Certification
As a professional supplier, we manufacture perforated metal sheets according to international standards including CE, ISO, RoHS, and more.

Custom Perforated Sheet For Your Bussiness

Our round hole perforated sheets are available in a wide range of gauge and material selection. It also comes in a wide range of hole size.
Hexagonal perforated metal
We manufacture hexagonal perforated sheets that functions to filter sound. It can also provide lasting look, privacy, and ventilation.
Square hole perforated sheet
XIONGQIAN manufactures square hole perforated sheets that are sturdy, lightweight, long-lasting, versatility, and decorative features.
Perforated Steel Sheet
Our perforated steel sheet comes with high strength and different styles. It is made using different alloy steel including carbon steel, mild steel, and more.
Perforated Aluminum Sheet
We offer aluminum perforated sheets that can provide lightweight and abrasion resistance. These are also easy to weld and fabricated into components.
Perforated Copper Sheet
XIONGQIAN manufactures perforated sheet using copper materials. It features strong resistance to corrosion while providing aesthetic appearance.
2mm Perforated Metal Sheet
We manufacture 2mm perforated metal sheets using stamping or punching process. These are certified by SGS, ISO, and more international standards. 3mm Perforated Metal Sheet
3mm Perforated Metal Sheet
XIONGQIAN offers perforated metal sheet with 3mm thickness. It comes with a wide range of hole patterns and sizes that you can choose from.
5mm Perforated Metal Sheet
You can choose our 5mm perforated metal sheets with a wide range of sizes, gauges, and more options. These are available in diverse surface treatments.
Metal Noise Barrier
Our perforated sheets are widely used as a metal noise barrier for residences, railways, and more applications. It is manufactured with three layers and wide range of hole types.
Metal Wind Break
We can provide a wide range of perforated sheets that are typically used for anti-wind applications. It is made from different materials including copper, stainless steel, and more.
Metal Sunscreens
XIOANGQIAN offers perforated sheets that are used for metal sunscreens providing low energy cost, lightweight, low maintenance, aesthetic appearance, privacy, and smooth surface.

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Manufacturing Equipment

XIONGQIAN is well-equipped with advanced complete equipment for different perforated metal sheet production process including shaping, punching, shearing, and more. Through our state-of-the-art machinery, XIOANGQIAN can produce perforated sheets with a wide range of material gauges. Among our equipment are perforating presses, turret presses, press break, welding, drill presses, shears, stamping presses, CNC mills, and more. Our wide range of die combination also allows us to meet the diverse perforating needs. All our modern manufacturing technology enable us to provide perforated sheets with exact tolerance and specifications according to your needs.


Manufacturing Process

At XIONGQIAN, we have various processing methods for producing perforated metal sheets.

  1. We used production methods that utilizes large cylinder called rotary pinned perforation roller. This roller has pointed sharp needles to punch holes into the metal sheet.
  2. Another method we used are die and punch perforation. This method enables us to quickly perforate massive metal sheet. During this process, the needles in the sheet are pressed to punch holes.
  3. XIONGQIAN also uses the most advanced perforation method called laser perforation. It allows us to manufacture precise and high consistency perforated sheets.

Custom Desinged Perforated Sheet For Your Project

Can’t find the right perforated metals that suits your projects, applications, and business? You don’t have to worry! We have professional engineers and designers to customize perforated metal sheets according to your requirements.

Custom Material Selection

We can manufacture perforated sheets according to your material selection. You can choose from materials including coppers, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, carbon steel, mild steel, and more. If you have specific materials in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Custom Sizes

XIONGQIAN can provide you perforated sheets with sizes including 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. However, if you need specific thickness and size for your applications or projects, we can customize it for you. At the same time, custom hole sizes are also available upon your request.

Custom Color and Patterns

Our perforated metal sheet comes with different hole patterns including round, hexagonal, square, slotted, and capsule. It is also available in black, white, and bronze color. If you need specific hole pattern and color for your projects, please send us your details and our professional engineers will work closely with you.

Don't Take Our Words for it

Listen to What Our Client Say About Our Perforated Sheet

  • XIONGQIAN has been my perforated sheet supplier for my HVAC system fabrication. I am so happy that all the sheets they provide are high-quality. They let me choose from a wide range of hole sizes and hole patterns. Plus, their staffs are very accommodating and approachable.

    From USA
  • I find it hard to choose a trusted supplier of perforated sheets for my projects. As an architectural designer, I need to make sure that we use the best quality materials. Fortunately, I have found XIONGQIAN. All their perforated sheets are high-quality. The details are very intricate. Their services are also superb.

    From Australia
  • Thank you, XIONGQIAN for providing me with consistent quality perforated sheets throughout the three years of cooperating with you. All the details and features I sent for customization were exactly as followed. I highly recommend XIONGQIAN as a trusted supplier.

    From France
foreign customer

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed all the frequently asked questions to help you find all the details and information you need about our capabilities or metal perforation. If your question is not listed, kindly contact our support team directly.

What Surface Treatments Do You Offer for Perforated Sheets?

We provide a wide range of surface treatments including anodizing, clear coat, electrogalvanizing, hot-dip galvanization, painting, powder coating, silk screen, and more. Contact us for more surface treatments available.

Can You Provide My Perforated Sheet Orders with Custom Packaging?

Yes. We can customize packaging according to your details and requirements upon request.

What is Your Delivery Time?

It depends on your orders. In-stock orders will be shipped after receiving your half of payment. For custom orders, delivery time will depend on quantity, special requirements, and more. Typically, we deliver your orders within 5-6 weeks.

How Long Do I Need to Wait to Get a Quotation?

We can provide quotation as quick as 24 hours. However, it will also vary according to your request whether simple or complex details.

Do You Provide Free Samples?

Yes. We can provide free samples so you can check the quality before we proceed to the mass production. However, freight cost should be shouldered by the buyer.

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