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XIONGQIAN Perforated Steel Sheet

Perforated sheet made from steel offers high-end settings when it comes to style and strength. We operate on different steels for manufacturing the perforated plate. Steel has a sturdy structure and great durability, especially when protected with oil in layers. Carbon steel, alloy steel, and mild steel are some of the materials we used.

XIONGQIAN is one of the leading perforated steel sheet suppliers in China. Our manufacturing system acquires advanced technology. Quality and performance are 100% tested and guaranteed. You will find affordable yet reliable perforated sheet steel at XIONGQIAN.

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Wholesale Perforated Sheet By Material

Perforated Carbon Steel Sheet
Perforated Carbon Steel Sheet

XIONGQIAN manufactures perforated plates made from carbon steel. Carbon steel has enhanced strength and corrosion resistance. It is ideal for practical applications.

Perforated Galvanized Steel Sheet

The perforated sheet made from galvanized steel is exceptionally strong. It is coated with zinc to avoid water corrosion, humidity, and moisture.

Perforated Aluminum Steel Sheet

Our aluminum steel perforated sheet is easy to install and lightweight. It has a silvery finish that produces an attractive and decorative appearance.

Perforated Titanium Steel Sheet

XIONGQIAN perforated titanium steel sheets are available in two grades, TA2 and TA1. It is 40% lighter than other steel materials. This type of steel is best used for structural use.

Perforated Mild Steel Sheet
Perforated Mild Steel Sheet

Using mild steel, we are creating premium-quality perforated sheets. It is one of the top metals used for applications that display ferric oxide and other chemicals.

Perforated Alloy Steel Sheet
Perforated Alloy Steel Sheet

We are manufacturing perforated alloy steel sheets perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Alloy steel is highly flexible and ideal for areas exposed to wet environments.

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Why Choose XIONGQIAN Perforated Steel Sheet

When it comes to product reliability and performance, our perforated steel sheet is unmatched. It provides great filtration in light, liquid, and sound applications. XIONGQIAN produces standard and customized openings for each steel perforated sheet. We are known as perforated metal sheet suppliers with complete fabrication service from Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet to Plastic Perforated Sheet.

At XIONGQIAN, you will find a wide range of options for steel perforated plates. Our product comes in small to large sizes, from thin to thickset options. You can choose whether you need a small or large opening for your perforated steel sheet. We are also offering no minimum orders and quick delivery.

Why Choose XIONGQIAN Perforated Steel Sheet

Benefits of Using Steel for Perforated Plate

Here is the list of the following properties of our product:

  • Very versatile
  • Economical and functional
  • Great weight-to-strength ratio
  • High ventilation
  • Pressure control
  • Secured and safe to application
  • Easy to fabricate and cut
  • Customize easily
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • High noise reduction and precision

Patterns and Hole designs Option for Perforated Steel Sheet

Our company offers different hole customization for steel perforated plates. You can choose from the following options:

  • Round perforated type
  • Square perforated type
  • Slotted perforated type
  • Hexagonal perforated type
  • Designer perforated type
  • Rectangular perforated type
  • Ornamental perforated type
  • Octagon perforated type
  • Marietta perforated type
  • Moire perforated type
  • Diamond perforated type

Applications of Perforated Sheet Steel

Our product is designed to perform on different applications. You can ensure that it is ideal for the following:

  • Material Development
  • Steel Screens and Shelving
  • Steel Guards and Ventilation
  • Steel Diffuser and fixtures
  • Steel Filter
  • Steel Vents
  • Steel Signage and Screens
  • Safety barriers
  • Partitions and Enclosures
  • Farm Equipment

Industries We Supply for Perforated Steel Sheet

XIONGQIAN provides outstanding quality perforated steel sheets and reliable services. We are producing products for:

  • Architectural Industry
  • Industrial Industry
  • Environmental Industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Safety Industry

Order Specifications of Perforated Steel Sheet

For your orders, you can send us the following details:

  1. Steel type
  2. Steel thickness
  3. Opening size
  4. Opening shape
  5. Configuration
  6. Sheet size
  7. Order Quantity

FAQ on Perforated Steel Sheet

Is it necessary to coat oil on a perforated sheet?

Yes. During perforating process, oil reduces steel friction. meshing welding machine manufacturer.

How do you process perforation?

Perforation is the process of safely firing a perforating gun. Shaped charges are used to perforate a well and energy explosion will tunnels or holes in steel sheets.

How can we trust your product’s performance?

XIONGQIAN’s main goal is to serve perforated steel plates compliant with international standards. Our company passes the following qualifications:

  • AISI and ASTM
  • DIN and JIS
  • ISO and EN
  • RoHS and SGS
  • BS and more.



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