XIONGQIAN manufacturing professionals provide assistance in terms of product designs, fabricating, and logistics. Additional services we can offer support various projects and give more practical solutions.

Our expertise and superb capabilities allow us to deliver a better and affordable product to markets.

Samples and Prototypes

We collect and keep the most popular samples and patterns in our tool library. However, you can request for different patterns, larger samples, material types, gauge or sizes. We can custom-made your requested specifications at no cost. 

Prototypes developed accurately. It is strictly inspected to make sure that it will reach the specified compliance. Every component undergoes meticulous examination to ensure its improvement in terms of production quality, functionality, and cost.

The skills, dedication, and perserverance we have, allow us to configure sophisticated components that performs impeccably to your requirements. 

Stockings and Fulfillments

XIONGQIAN has decades of experience in quality-controlled warehousing and coordinated drop-shipping. We have built endless relationships and coordination with carriers, truckloads and shipping docks that gives huge help and advantage, ensuring that every product will safely arrive at its destination on time — no matter how large or small it be. 

On the other hand, our warehouses are used in keeping customers’ products and components that are going for shipment. Otherwise, warehouses are also used as stocking and fulfillment centers. XIONGQIAN’s shipping department fulfills work, coordinating supplies, storages, and drop-shipping for on-time processes.

Blanket Orders

Due to sufficient storage spaces and strong purchase authority, XIONGQIAN can offer customers  a blank order program that beneficially saves carrying cost, lead times, and standard cost.

Toll Processing

We can do perforating products by using your special materials or purchased materials. The cost will only be charged to the material and order processing, equipment set up, and material perforating. 

Finishing Capabilities

Finishing materials are the final touch that gives improvement to the overall appearance and durability of the product. Being an expert, XIONGQIAN offers various finishing methods. We can give you guidance on selecting the exact type of finishes to your components that perfectly matches to the material used, application and location. 

For best and satisfying results, we can provide a wide range of finishing services. It includes:

  • Anodizing

Anodizing refers to an electrolytic process that enables to increase the oxidation thickness on metal surfaces. Materials with anodizing finishes tend to have hard and corrosion resistance surfaces.

  • Clear Coating

It is a finishing process that produces thin oxide layer coating especially on aluminum materials without utilizing pigments. 

  • E-coating

An electro-painting process that covers a lacquer coating.

  • Electrogalvanizing

Electrogalvanizing creates a proportional thin layer of galvanization. It is highly prefered for outdoor application as it gives superior corrosion resistance. 

  • Hot-Dip Galvanization

In hot-dip galvanization, the components undergo a molten zinc bath. It gives much thicker coating and also produces crystallization patterns on metal surfaces. 

  • Paint Grip

This process has beneficial in increasing corrosion protection as well as paint adhesion improvement. 

  • Paint Lock

This procedure involves electronically depositing galvanized steel with zinc coating and chemically treating it to improve paint adhesion.

  • Plating

Both electroplating and electrorolled processes can be used for plating. This improves materials hardness, resistance, beauty, and durability. 

  • Powder Coating

One of the finishing procedures for metals that uses dry, powdered coatings like epoxy, polyester, or polyurethane.

  • Silk Screening

A process that produces print in various materials. Transferring a die utilizing patterns onto thin mesh that is tightly stretched in a frame is the finishing process used.

  • Polyvinylidene Fluoride

Polyvinylidene fluoride is a perfect option for architectural and some industrial projects for some reason that it delivers superior strength, durability, and resistance especially from bases, acids, and solvents. 

  • Duranar

A perfect choice or weather-exposed applications. It refers to a fluoropolymer system that gives unmatched protection from staining, peeling, chipping, and fading. 

  • Tnemec

This finishing is suitable for application where strength, endurance, resistance, and purity is highly required. It is virtually used for aluminum and carbon steel metals. 

  • PVDF and Hylar

In a fluoropolymer family, both PVDF and hyalar are refers to a special plastic finish that is applied for aluminum. It ensures extraordinary strength, robustness and resistance. 

  • UV Coating

A curable coating that improves the toughness, fading, and scratch resistance of metals.

Secondary Operations

  • Polishing

Smoothens metals surfaces and creates consistent high gloss appearance.

  • Grinding

Responsible for removing uneven areas on perforated metal.

  • Timesaving

Burrs and other flaws in a metal are removed, creating smooth surfaces for finishing.

  • Deburring

Especially when metal is welded, cast, cut, molded, sheared, or slit, it eliminates ragged edges.

  • Degreasing

This removes grease, dirt, oil, and some contaminants that are found on the surface of perforated metal.

Tooling and Machinery

Using our modernized machinery, we are able to perforate from standard to custom hole sizes (ranging from 0.045″ – 4.0″ in diameters) as well as creating several hole patterns. To ensure that you obtain the highest-quality goods, we are able to handle specific materials and gauges thanks to our customized tools.

Design and highly precise machining come first in the perforating process. Through the help of our state-of-the-art  machinery and tooling, we are able to create unique custom patterns based on your projects’ requirements. 

On the other hand, our team keeps on examining the condition of every tool to ensure that it remains functional and available when needed. But before the tool reaches its intended usage, XIONGQIAN’s tooling department is one step ahead in generating replacement components, while fixing up the tool to its original state. Besides, we also have several tools that are kept in the tooling library.

Precision Leveling

XIONGQIAN has adequate equipment and capability to make perforated sheets flatter than any of these sheets. With regard to flattening material into a specific thickness range, our sophisticated internal leveling technology is a big aid. Give us a chance to guide you to the flattest sheets possible.


However, our customized conveyor shears can cut over 100 pieces in a split second with tolerance accuracy, even though our shears have the capacity to cut metal up to 1″ thick and 10′ wide.

  • Tolerances for precision shearing range from -0.010″ to +0.010″, whereas
  • Tolerances for high-speed, cut-to-fly shears range from -0.125″ to +0.125″.

Assembly and Packaging

For orders shipment, XIONGQIAN professionals make sure that every product are well-packed — no matter what sizes or shapes will be, we ensure safe and defect-free delivery. 

We create unique packaging for storing and safeguarding your components, including:

  • Coil positioning
  • Coil cores
  • Crates
  • Banding and supports
  • Robust pallets

Most of our product consists of complete details and comprehensive instructions, directions or guides. It gives an advantage especially for products that need to be assembled and also to help users how to use the  product more properly.

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