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The perforated sheets made from plastic material are robust and long-lasting. They are more corrosion-resistant and lighter than perforated sheets made of steel. Perforated plastic sheets are well-known for their fatigue-resistant characteristics.

XIONGQIAN stocks a wide range of plastic perforated sheets in different materials, hole sizes, and gauges. Our sheet is manufactured with corroding and chemical-resistant characteristics for use in extreme environments.

Custom plastic perforated sheet is available tailored to your specifications. XIONGQIAN can provide you with this sheet in different perforations, free surfaces, dimensions, and shapes.

XIONGQIAN is premier perforated sheet supplier for perforated polycarbonate sheet, steel perforated sheet and other perforated sheets. Contact us now!

Plastic Perforated Sheet By Shape

Slot Straight Center
Slot Straight Center For Plastic Perforated Sheet

Our perforated plastic sheet has a slot straight center pattern. It can provide an attractive appearance.

Round Perforation
Round Perforation For Plastic Perforated Sheet

Xiongqian plastic sheet with round perforation can work well in sieving and filtrating liquids and solids.

Hexagonal Hole For Plastic Perforated Sheet

Xiongqian hexagonal perforated plastic sheet is a flexible film and is available in rolls to transport easily.

Staggered Slot
Staggered Slot For Plastic Perforated Sheet

It is designed with a square or round end. Our plastic sheet with staggered slot perforation is suitable for decorative application.

Round End Slot
Round End Slot For Plastic Perforated Sheet

The round-end slot comes with different hole arrangements such as straight, side staggered, and ends staggered.

Square Perforation For Plastic Perforated Sheet

The plastic sheet with square perforation is suitable for open area that requires high ventilation.

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Why Choose Xiongqian to Custom Your Plastic Perforated Sheet

Xiongqian uses a high-speed press with a 60-inch wide and 250-ton capacity. These capabilities allow us to produce perforated plastic sheets efficiently.

We can quickly change other presses to customize your perforated sheet. Our computerized perforating presses can also provide excellent design freedom.

If you have different formats of a plastic perforated sheet for your project spec, Xiongqian provides you with CAD drawings.

Why Choose Xiongqian to Custom Your Plastic Perforated Sheet

Various Forms of Plastic Perforated Sheet


  • Up to 4 meters length, longer rolls and lengths are available upon request
  • 2500mm Width or customize
  • 2mm to 8mm thickness


  • Up to 2500mm diameters
  • 2mm to 8mm thickness


  • Standard: Natural & Gray
  • Other colors are available as per request

Perforated Plastic Sheet Surface

Xiongqian perforated plastic sheet is available on various surfaces. Depending on your application, you can request us a grained surface or smooth surface on both sides or one-sided. The scratch resistance of this sheet can be adjustable to avoid sheet adherence to one another.

Suitable Plastic Sheet Material for Perforation

Xiongqian provides a variety of thermoplastics for your plastic perforated sheet production. From high-speed plastic to standard plastic for resisting extreme operating temperatures. However, the popular plastic materials for perforated sheets are the following:


It has good chemical resistance, making it well-suited for food contact. They possessed the following:

  • extreme surface hardness
  • good electrical insulation
  • minimum water absorption

These materials can also resist fatigue, ideal in prosthetic and orthotic applications.


The perforated sheet PVC has temperature ranging up to 60°C temperature. It can provide extreme impact strength. This sheet can perform well in welding, bonding, machining, and fabrication. PVC can resist different mechanical and harsh industrial environments. PVC can be easily routed, tapped, drilled, machined, and cut with traditional equipment.

Being a leading perforated plastic sheet manufacturer in China, we are glad to give you advice when choosing the exact materials. We are also willing to send you samples upon request.

Advantages Of Plastic Perforated Sheet

Low Density

Depending on the plastic materials, our perforated plastic sheet has 0,92 g/cm³ density. Thus, it is lighter compared to steel materials.

Long Lifespan

Xiongqian plastic perforated sheet can guarantee no rot, delamination, rotting, and moisture absorption.

Extreme Temperature-Resistant

Our plastic perforated sheet has an abiding working temperature of a maximum of 250 °C, depending on the materials.

High Corrosion-Resistance

Xiongqian perforated plastic sheet has excellent resistance to UV, weather, and aggressive chemicals.

Maximum Mechanical Stability

Our sheet provides extreme wear-resistant. It also has an excellent stiffness and toughness ratio.


Our perforated sheet made of different thermoplastic materials is ideally suited for sterilization methods.

How We Manufacture Perforated Plastic Sheet

We manufacture these sheets by performing three common techniques: Laser, Rotary Pinned, and Punch Press. These three techniques provide each benefit in producing various forms, shapes, and configurations.

Frequently Asked Questions For Plastic Perforated Sheet

What is Plastic Perforated Sheet?

It is a type of plastic sheet that involved punching holes with a die. Available in numerous patterns and gauges.

Do You Provide Plastic Perforated Sheets on Roll?

Yes. All our plastic sheet perforated on a roll comes in a thickness of 35-gauge.

Does Perforated Plastic Sheet Durable?

There are numerous types of thermoplastics used to create perforated plastic sheets. However, polycarbonate and acrylic are the strongest transparent plastic compared to other transparent plastic sheets. They have excellent impact resistance and thermoformability.

What is the Size of the Perforation for the Plastic Sheet?

In perforation, we use tapering tubes of commonly less than 2 cm (0.8-in) diameters and 2.5cm to 74cm (1-in-30-in) depth.

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