Perforated Metal for Data Centers

Data Centers Applications

Perforated Metal for Data Centers

Perforated metals are designed to protect servers and equipment found in data centers. We manufactured this with strong and robust construction for better performance to support multiple units. It is perfect, especially for making enclosures.

Our perforated metal offers lightweight, strong, and durable which is able to provide a lifetime service. You can rest assured that it can provide great airflow to avoid overheating. We provide this in various, styles, designs, and sizes.

Key Advantages when Choosing Perforated Metals

XIONGQIAN provides this in many options and uses due to provides great advantages such as:

  • Flexible to use. It is highly flexible due it can accommodate different types of applications in data centers. Every panel can be adjusted in various configurations.
  • Cost-saving. Using this perforated metal you can freely assure that it helps to keep your utility bills low. It allows the server to become cool to prevent overheating.
  • Ventilation. This perforated sheet is available in hundreds of holes. Meaning that it is a great way to get out hot air from equipment.
Key Advantages when Choosing Perforated Metals
Wide Range of Materials

Wide Range of Materials

Perforated metal panels are made from different types of materials including:

  • Steel perforated panels. This is perfect for application that requires great airflow such as computer centers, telecommunications, and more.
  • Aluminum Perforated panels. it is commonly available in standard 600x600x50/55mm size. It is highly strong and versatile.
  • Steel + aluminum. This is a combination of steel and aluminum materials. Both of them are highly needed when used in harsh environments.
  • Aluminum grille. It is also perfect for data center applications due to it being lightweight but very sturdy and durable.

Why Choose Us?

XIONGQIAN is a top supplier of perforated materials such as metal panels that use in a wide range of applications such as data centers. With the help of our professional team and advanced equipment, we can provide all types of perforated metals and components to meet your specific requirement.

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality assurance and after-sales service. If you need to enhance your business, XIONGQIAN will always be there to help you.

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