Perforated Metal Products & Services for the Fabrication Industry

For fabricators, XIONGQIAN offers perforated metal products and perforating services. So, you can provide your customers with the perforated metal products they want exactly. We manufacture these products in standard slots, squares, and round perforation patterns. Also, we produce them using precision machinery and excellent quality materials.

If your client requires a product that is unavailable in our inventory, we’ve got you covered. Aside from standard, we also offer custom perforated metal products and perforating services. We can produce these metals in custom hole patterns, sizes, shapes, and other specifications. You can send us your designs, samples, or drawings. Then, our expert engineers will get the job done.

Since we can supply fully formed, precisely shaped, or finished perforated metal products, many fabricators around the world partner with us. We are also pleased to assist you in making your customers happy.


There are many advantages of partnering with us. These includes:

  • Customized packaging is supported
  • Provides fabrication services such as laser cutting, punching, welding, etc.
  • Custom and standard perforation patterns
  • Short lead times
  • On-time delivery
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Wide material selection which includes aluminum, steel, brass, and more
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