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6mm Perforated Sheets

The 6mm perforated sheets are manufactured using a punching process. It utilizes flat plate with different patterns. The holes in the sheet will be based according to your specific purposes.

At XIONGQIAN, we manufacture perforated sheets with 6mm round holes that are guaranteed corrosion resistance and durable. You can guarantee that we provide custom services to meet your unique requirements.

Material Selection of 6mm Perforated Sheet

  • Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel 6mm Perforated Sheet

    Our stainless steel 6mm perforated sheets are ideal to be used for building construction, decoration, and more applications.

  • Galvanized Steel
    Galvanized Steel 6mm Perforated Sheet

    The 6mm perforated galvanized steel sheets are available in different surface finish including chromated, skin-pass, and more.

  • Aluminum
    Aluminum 6mm Perforated Sheet

    XIONGQIAN manufactures 6mm aluminum perforated sheets with protective film, high peel strength, and customized designs.

  • Mild Steel
    Mild Steel 6mm Perforated Sheet

    We produce 6mm perforated sheets using mild steel materials that are ideal for welding and painting processes.

Design Selection For 6mm Perforated Sheet

  • Micro Round Hole
    Micro Round Hole 6mm Perforated Sheet

    You can choose 6mm perforated sheets with micro round hole that features long-life, strong hardness, and corrosion resistance.

  • Staggered
    Staggered 6mm Perforated Sheet

    Our 6mm perforated sheets with staggered designs are widely used for decoration, sound abatement, protective cover, and more.

  • Hexagonal Hole
    Hexagonal Hole 6mm Perforated Sheet

    We offer 6mm perforated sheets are available in hexagonal hole. It is made from materials including stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

  • Triangle Hole
    Triangle Hole 6mm Perforated Sheet

    XIONGQIAN manufactures 6mm triangle hole perforated sheets with elegant appearance for speaker cover, grinding screen, and more application.

Choose by Application

  • Sound Insulation
    6mm Perforated Sheet For Sound Insulation

    We offer 6mm perforated sheets for sound insulation made from different materials including aluminum and galvanized sheet.

  • Platform Walkway
    6mm Perforated Sheet For Platform Walkway

    You can use our perforated sheets with 6mm hole size that features anti-skid design so it can be used for platform walkway applications.

  • Decorative
    6mm Perforated Sheet For Decorative

    The most used 6mm perforated sheets for decorative applications are made from stainless steel metal due to its elegant and shiny appearance.

Why Choose XIONGQIAN 6mm Perforated Sheets

Expertise. XIONGQIAN has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing perforated sheets with 6mm hole sizes.

Adequate Stock. Our factory has a large inventory of 6mm perforated sheets readily available for your projects.

Efficient Production. We have state-of-the-art production machines to produce all your perforated sheets orders.

Competitive Price. Our 6mm perforated sheets are manufactured at competitive prices without compromising the quality.

Why Choose XIONGQIAN 6mm Perforated Sheets

6mm Perforated Sheets Technical Support

You will grow your business faster with our technical support service on 6mm Perforated Sheets and more Perforated Sheets. As premium Perforated Sheets manufacturer, XIONGQIAN installed complete manufacturing line in factory to ensure production in high efficiency and accurate angle.

You can let us to process spraying, galvanizing, sandblasting and other technique to improve your 6mm Perforated Sheets corrosion resistance and aesthetics for industrial construction facility.

What is 6mm perforated sheet

A steel sheet that be Perforated with a thickness of 6mm.

How to wholesale 6mm perforated sheet from China

  1. Download Alibaba International Edition and register. After logging in, search for 6mm perforated sheet in the search box.
  2. Search for 6mm perforated sheet on social media, find Chinese sellers and ask for contact information.
  3. Search for 6mm punched plates on social media, find Chinese sellers and ask for contact information.

What machines are needed to produce 6mm perforated sheet

Main production equipment: CNC punch press

CNC punching machines can be used to process various types of metal sheet parts, and can automatically complete a variety of complex hole shapes and shallow drawing forming processes at one time.

Standard Specifications For 6mm Perforated Sheet

Aperture: 6mm hole size

Pitch: 8mm (pitch is the measurement of gap from one hole to another hole)

Sheet Thickness: 1mm or customized

Sheet Size: 2000x1000mm or according to your request

Wide Range of Patterns For 6mm Perforated Sheet

  • Round hole
  • Triangular Pattern
  • Square holes
  • Oblong
  • Hexagonal pattern

Extensive Surface Finish Selection For 6mm Perforated Sheet

  • 1
  • 2
  • 2B
  • Bright Annealed
  • Polished
  • Mirror-finished

Certifications from Industry Standards

  • API
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • BIS
  • ISO
  • REACH, and more
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