2mm Perforated Sheet Manufacturer

2mm Perforated Sheet Manufacturer

2mm Perforated Sheet

The 2mm thick perforated sheets are made by punching or stamping a flat metal sheet. Advanced equipment is used for perforating them such as lasers, punches, and more. Their perforations can be designed in different shapes, orientations, and spacings.

XIONGQIAN is an ISO-certified manufacturer with SGS, RoHS, and other certifications. We offer 2mm thick perforated sheets in various sizes, designs, and other configurations. To suit your special needs, we can customize them to your specific requirements such as hole patterns, sizes, shapes, etc.

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Wide Range of Materials

Galvanized Steel
Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel perforated sheets have excellent strength and rust resistance. They can be used for vents, privacy screens, etc.


The 2mm aluminum perforated sheets are useful in decorative applications, sign panels, and machinery guards. They are lightweight and have an aesthetic look.

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

2mm stainless steel perforated sheets are used for ventilation, housing, filtering, etc. They are hardwearing and corrosion-resistant.

Mild Steel
Mild Steel

The 2mm mild steel perforated sheets can be powder-coated to enhance their durability, appearance, and corrosion resistance.


2mm copper perforated sheets are used for sieving, grilles, decoration, and more. They feature a warm color and superior appearance.

Perforated Titanium Steel Sheet

The 2mm titanium perforated sheets are sturdy, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. They are used for medical equipment, pump parts, etc.

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Perforation Types

  • Round Holes
    Round Holes

    Perforated metal sheets can be punched with oblong round or circular round perforations.

  • Hexagonal Holes
    Hexagonal Holes

    Perforated metal sheets with hexagonal patterns are commonly used for decoration, filtration, ventilation, etc.

  • Square Holes
    Square Holes

    The holes of square perforated metal sheets can be designed in diagonal, staggered, or straight hole arrangements.

  • Slotted Holes
    Slotted Holes

    Slotted perforated sheets have elongated perforations. The slotted holes can be designed with square or round ends.

  • Decorative Holes
    Decorative Holes

    Perforated sheets can be designed with diamond patterns, flower-shaped patterns, and other hole shapes based on your request.

Why Choose Us

XIONGQIAN supplies high-quality 2mm thick perforated sheets at reasonable prices around the world. Our sheets are manufactured under a comprehensive quality control system or ISO management. They go through an extensive testing process in accordance with strict industry standards. Moreover, they surpassed international quality standards. Therefore, you can rely on the quality of our 2mm thick perforated sheets.

Also, we provide on-time delivery, excellent after-sales support, and customer services to ensure we satisfy you.

Why Choose Us

Variety of Applications

2mm thick perforated sheets are used for controlling the passage of:

  • sound and heat waves
  • electromagnetic waves
  • light
  • liquid
  • air

They are used as filters, protection, decorative elements, etc. Their typical applications include:

  • radiator and speaker covers
  • exhaust components
  • AC unit
  • automotive grills and parts
  • architectural applications such as fixtures, facades, etc.
  • computer cabinets and other cabinets
  • daily utensils
  • medical equipment
  • pans and trays
  • racks
  • shelves


Surface Treatments We Offer

Surface finishes can be applied to the 2mm thick perforated sheets using many processes, including:

PVC coating

  • Polishing
  • Powder coating
  • Anodizing
  • Painting
  • Fluorocarbon spraying
  • Electric galvanization
  • Oxidation treatment
  • Hot-dipped galvanization

Other surface finishes can be applied depending on your request.


Features of 2mm Thick Perforated Sheet

The 2mm thick perforated sheets have a lot of features, including:

  • Easy to form & cut
  • Attractive appearance
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Durable
  • High size accuracy
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Uniform sound abatement
  • High impact resistance
  • Temperature-resistant


Color Options

Our 2mm thick perforated sheets come in a wide range of colors such as:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Grey
  • Copper
  • Rose Gold
  • Red Wine
  • Green
  • Bronze
  • Blue
  • Custom color
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