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The benefits of Expanded Metal Mesh

Aug. 15, 2022

Today, more and more customers require the use of expanded metal baskets. So, what are the main advantages over other basket types? Here are some of the benefits of using expanded metal baskets in material applications:

1. Expanded metal mesh is cheaper

Sheet metal baskets are expensive because they use more raw materials than other basket types. Perforated sheet metal has less material in the final product, but that material must be cut first, so it costs more than expanded metal. Wire baskets use less material but require more welding to make them strong, so the cost may be higher than that of expanded metal baskets.
Why are expanded metal baskets usually less expensive? Because the panels used for expanded metal mesh are compressed and stretched during the expansion process without wasting any material. That means, pound by pound, expanded metal will cover a larger area of ​​the basket than sheet metal—and without the material waste of perforated sheet metal. Compared to steel wire, the extra stiffness of expanded metal also means that less welding is required, and therefore less time, labor and money.

2. Expanded mesh is stronger

Using braided or welded wire, join many weaker individual wires to form a basket. However, when the weight of the held part or material load falls on a particular wire, that wire must support the weight on its own. Soldering joins the wires to spread the weight, but it is not as effective as using a single solid metal to spread the weight.
For expanded metal baskets, expanded metal mesh is a single, solid material that effectively disperses the weight of the material it holds – enabling it to hold more weight than a wire mesh basket of the same size and thickness, and open space.
Overall, expanded metal baskets are stronger than their steel wire equivalents – although not as strong as metal baskets.

3. Good air and water flow

Air flow is important for part cleaning and finishing processes in manufacturing. If airflow is restricted, parts may not be cleaned properly in the first place, parts may not dry quickly, and residues may be left in the cleaning process. This is one of the reasons why wire baskets are a popular choice for parts cleaning applications.
However, the second option for parts cleaning is the expanded metal basket. While the open space of expanded metal baskets is not as precisely controlled as wire mesh baskets, they do provide enough open space between the metal strands for air or water to flow easily through the basket.

4. Expanded mesh is very durable

Because expanded metal wire is actually a single piece of material rather than a bunch of individual wires, expanded metal baskets tend to be more durable than their wire mesh counterparts. There are two reasons for the extended lifespan:
Expanded mesh strands disperse impact forces more effectively than steel wire – reducing the impact of mechanical wear on the basket.
There are no weld failures between the strands of the expanded metal basket – which further increases the durability of the basket compared to wire mesh.
While the difference between two well-designed and manufactured custom baskets may not be huge, the extra life of expanded metal can have a beneficial effect on the total cost of ownership over the years.

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