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Sport Fence

The sports fence is a barrier system consisting of welded mesh connected to tubular posts and is widely used for various ball sports. The main purpose of sports fences is to protect the spectators and act as a barrier if the ball accidentally goes out. A variety of styles, colors, and mesh sizes are available for this fence.

  • Customizable
  • Strong & Durable
  • Provide High Security
  • Good Appearance
  • Easy to Install

Sport Fence Manufacturer in China - XIONGQIAN

XIONGQIAN is your reliable and expert sports fence manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of styles and construction for sports fences. You can choose from our list of sports fencing or we can fabricate your custom requirements.

XIONGQIAN can professionally provide sport fencing solutions for different athletic fields. For more details regarding our sport fence products, kindly reach us through email or message!

Variety Types of Sport Fencing

  • Double Wire Mesh Sport Fence
  • Spectator Fence
  • Ball Stop Sport Fence
  • Velodrome Safety Sport Fence
  • Privacy Sport Fence
  • Stadium Security Fence
  • Temporary Event Fence
  • MUGA Fencing
Variety Types of Sport Fencing
Extensive Sports Applicability

Sports fence is widely used as sport fencing/barrier, especially in different ball sports such as:


-Tennis (ground)





Product Customization Options

XIONGQIAN can fabricate your custom sports fence according to the following details:

  • Material type
  • Wire Size
  • Fence mesh sizes
  • Hole Shape
  • Post type
  • Post size & length
  • Height of fence
  • Fence width
  • Finishing(optional)
  • Surface Treatment
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