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XIONGQIAN Perforated Coil

The perforated coil is made from various types of metals. Every raw coil can weigh up to 50,000 lbs and is available 72” wide. They are specially made for easy-to-delivery and for a wide range of applications.

XIONGQIAN is a leading supplier of the perforated coil in China. We can provide the best materials to meet your requirements and suit your budget. You can rest assured that every material is made with advanced technology for the best quality.

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Galvanized Perforated Coil
Galvanized Perforated Coil

Our galvanized surface finish perforated coil are available in black, blue, original, and other colors. It is weatherproof and rust resistant.

TSHS Perforated Coil
TSHS Perforated Coil

XIONGQIAN offers a perforated coil made with a TSHS surface finish. These are made from bending, welding, decoiling, punching, and other processes.

Powder Coated Coil
Powder Coated Coil

We provide powder-coated coils made from aluminum alloy materials. It is easy to bend, stick, and install in different fields of applications.

BA Finish Perforated Coil
BA Finish Perforated Coil

Our BA finishes Perforated coils are commonly made from various grades of stainless steel materials. It is available in customized sizes and colors.

Mirror Finish Perforated Coil (1)
Mirror Finish Perforated Coil

This mirror-finish perforated coil is made from hot-rolled and cold-rolled techniques. It is available in 45mm to 2200mm widths.

Shot Blasted Perforated Coil
Shot Blasted Perforated Coil

Our shot-blasted perforated coil is a carbon steel coil. It can able to stand in high temperatures and even at low temperatures for a long period of time.

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Why Choose XIONGQIAN Perforated Coil

Aside from being strong and durable, the perforated coil can also be flexible to use in different applications. It is also easy to store in any place even in harsh environments. Furthermore, these are available in various thicknesses for up to 20 gauge and widths depending on your needs.

Whatever your design, materials, and production need, I will help you customize that. We can offer no minimum order, fast delivery at the same time affordable price.

Perforated Coil

Perforated Coil Material Options

XIONGQIAN manufactured perforated metal coils from different materials. Some of these is the following:

  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel materials are available in different from 304, 316, 430, and more. It is a type of material that is suitable to use in outdoor environments.
  • Aluminum. This material can offer excellent malleability, lightweight, and corrosion resistance.
  • Cold rolled. Cold rolled steel is a strong and versatile material for making perforated coils. It offers a clean appearance.
  • Hot rolled steel. It has a rough surface but very malleable types of materials.
  • Copper. It is a type of material that can retain its appearance even for many years.
  • Brass.  It can provide a lifetime service while maintaining its good looks.
  • Nickel Nickel alloy can work even in high-heat applications.
  • Galvanized steel. It is inexpensive material than stainless steel. It is mostly zinc coated for better rust resistance.

List of Applications

You can use our perforated coil in different fields of application such as:

  • Structural
  • Decorative
  • Architecture
  • Balustrades
  • Facades
  • Stairs
  • Screens
  • Security applications
  • Aerospace technology
  • Mining operations
  • Agriculture
  • Audio equipment and much more.

Process in Fabricating Perforated Coil

The perforation processing line consists of the:

  • Unwinder with Straightener. It is a process of feeding a plain coil in feed roller machines.
  • Punching press. It is a process of punching pre-defined holes.
  • Shearing. It is a process of cutting the perforated coil.
  • Recoiler and more.

Excellent Advantages

  • Design to regulate lighting
  • Can help to reduce energy consumption
  • To enhance privacy
  • Can defuse sound
  • Slip resistance
  • Offers a high load-bearing capacity
  • Easy to clean when used in walkways, etc.

Wide Range of Holes Patterns

There are common perforation patterns that we offer:

  • Standard round staggered
  • Round shape
  • Slot holes
  • Square
  • Decorative
  • Customize hole patterns


Are these Perforated Coils meet international certifications?

Yes, we assure you that all perforated coils meet different certifications for better quality such as:

  • ISO 9001
  • RoHS
  • IBR
  • CE
  • SGS and more.

What are different perforated coil standards?

Our perforated coil complies with different standards including

  • ASTM
  • AISI
  • GB
  • JIS
  • DIN
  • BS
  • EN, etc.


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