• Cattle Mesh application
  • XIONGQIAN Cattle Mesh Applications
  • Cattle panel Mesh for sale china
  • Cattle panel Mesh for sale
  • Cattle Mesh application
  • XIONGQIAN Cattle Mesh Applications
  • Cattle panel Mesh for sale china
  • Cattle panel Mesh for sale

Cattle Mesh

XIONGQIAN Cattle Mesh made of high-strength galvanized steel wire, it has high strength and high pulling force, and can withstand the violent impact of cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock. It can adapt to harsh working environments and has a lifespan of up to 20 years.

  • Enhanced elasticity and cushioning capabilities
  • Adaptable to deformation due to cold shrinkage and thermal expansion
  • High strength with anti-corrosion
  • Easy installation, various specifications
  • High toughness and strong structure
  • Safe, reliable and easy to clean

As leading woven mesh supplier, XIONGQIAN is able to manufacture livestock cattle sheep yard mesh in wide types and cheap price with durable quality.

Your Trusted Cattle Mesh Manufacturer in China

XIONGQIAN produce durable Cattle Mesh with excellent material and advanced manufacturing technique to ensure you can save cost purchasing qualified livestock cow mesh. We have stronger fabrication ability with internatioanl grade equipment line and you will get your cow mesh in short time from us.

As reliable Cattle Mesh supplier, we put quality as first place when producing cattle mesh for clients. No matter your order is large or small, you  will always get faster support from our team. Just contact us to start your project now.

Cattle Mesh Applications

Our Cattle Mesh is widely used in different fields of applications such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Gardening
  • Closing mountains for afforestation
  • Tourist Area
  • Construction site
XIONGQIAN Cattle Mesh Applications
What is the Cattle Mesh Specification?

We offer Cattle Mesh with the following sizes:

  • Wire Diameter: 1.8-2.5mm
  • Wire Hole: 150-300mm
  • Width*Length: 0.5*50M 0.8*50M 1.2*50M

You can also discuss with us if there is no suitable size. We can custom Cattle Mesh for you at low cost.

How Much Does Cattle Mesh Cost?

Cattle Mesh price is dynamatic and you need to know the size, quantity, material and more details before collecting the price. Different company also sell Cattle Mesh at different price.

You will spend more to buy Cattle Mesh from big brand while you can save much to source from your local unknown brand supplier. The most important thing is you should not only care for price, you need to confirm the materials, performance and check sample if possible to get a reliable Cattle Mesh.

How to Check Cattle Mesh Quality?

First, you can check if Cattle Mesh appearance is uneven or not. Just make sure there are no holes, the surface covering layer is covered completely.

Then, you can use tools to measure the wire diameter, mesh size, external dimensions length, width and height to confirm if it meets your requirement.

In the end, you can touch with your hand to see if it is smooth or if there is any barbs.

These are the recommend Cattle Mesh Quality check ways and you can try them for your Cattle Mesh.

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