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Razor Wire

Razor wire is manufactured for property protection. SS and galvanized steel are the common materials for its production. Xiongqian provides numerous material options for your razor wire specs.

  • Short Barb: 10-12mm
  • Medium Barb: 20mm to 22mm
  • Long Barb: 60mm to 66mm
  • Diameter Availability: 960mm, 700mm, 500mm
  • Extended Length: 12mm to 15mm

Professional Razor Wire Manufacturer

If you’re looking for high-quality razor wire for your fencing project, Xiongqian provides a one-stop solution. Whether you need zinc-coated, PVC-coated, galvanized, or stainless steel razor wire, we can provide numerous options for you.

Combining high-tensile wire and sharp blade, Xiongqian razor wire is a well-suited fencing material than concrete walls. Making it popular for residential and industrial use.

With our modern facility, Xiongqian can produce large production of razor wire and deliver it to you on time. We can customize it based on our customer’s specifications.

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Razor Wire in Different Areas

  • Airports
  • Borders
  • Military installations
  • Industrial facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Prisons
Razor Wire
What is the Purpose of Razor Wire?
  • Protects boundaries by discouraging human passage
  • Limits person to cross over the fence due to its sharp points
Razor Vs. Barbed Wire

Razor Wire

  • Flexible and durable metal tape
  • The razor-sharp barbs look like a spear, which is used to prevent unwanted intruders
  • Not easy to circumvent without the right tools

Barbed Wire

  • Flexible and cost-effective solution for a diverse range of barrier applications
  • With sharply pointed barbs
  • More expensive compared to a razor wire
  • Minimum deterrent effect
  • Lower performance
Is Using Razor Wire Legal?

Razor wire is not prohibited in most countries. Therefore, using razor wire is legal. It is widely used in different areas where security is crucial.

How Durable is Razor Wire?

The material used in razor wire, which is the coils, is very durable. It can’t be cut with pliers. The razor wire becomes stronger when you tighten its wire.

What Are the Types of Razor Wire?
  • Welded razor wire
  • Razor coils concertina
  • Concertina razor wire
  • Razor wire fence
  • Razor ribbon
  • Double wire concertina razor
  • SS razor wire
Excellent Features
  • Aesthetic and modern design
  • Low maintenance
  • Long service life
  • Excellent trespasser’s deterrent
Steps on Installing Razor Wire
  1. Install the metal or wire mesh fence
  2. Mount a razor wire bracket on the fence
  3. Mount a parallel razor wire
  4. Mount the coiling razor wire with welding and clips
Stainless Steel Vs. PVC Coated Razor Wire

Razor wire made of stainless steel has excellent rust and corrosion resistance. While the PVC coated is highly resistant to moisture and water.

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