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Grating is a welded grating piece of metal which usually used as flooring in different industrial fields like power plants, refineries, and offshores. There are various types of metal grating.

XIONGQIAN is a leading manufacturer of gratings with different structural patterns and mesh sizes. We can provide top-quality grating solutions for any usual projects and purposes. Specific requirements? Well, we accept any customization jobs for metal gratings.

It is also available for us to fabricate Perforated Metal Fences and Perforated Steel Sheet for you. To know more about our products and services, direct message us today!

Various Gratings For Wholesale

Heavy Duty Grating
Heavy-duty Grating

This grating is using high temperatures fusing to permanently join the cross bars and bearing bars. It provides greater rigidity and strength.

Serrated Grating
Serrated Grating

It is made with serrated metal bars that are welded, riveted, or pressed locked. We offer this type of grating in different mesh sizes options and dimensions.

Bar Grating
Bar Grating

Bar grating is a type of flooring cover which widely used in applications where sound, air, light, or liquid are required to pass at flooring.

Drain Grating
Drain Grating

A drain grating is widely used as a drainage system. It has an excellent performance in the draining system, especially in trench applications.

Anti-slip Grating
Anti-slip Grating

A metal grating for a walking surface that provides great traction and grip. This type of grating minimizes the slip & fall risks and prevents injuries.

Galvanized Grating
Galvanized Grating

The galvanized steel grating is made with carbon steel (mild type) and provides excellent resistance to corrosion. Customization is highly accepted.

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Grating by Materials

Extensive Application of Grating

Working Flatform
Working Flatform
Stair Treads
Grating For Stair Treads
Grating For Walkway
Trench Cover
Grating For Trench Cover
Handrail Infill
Grating For Handrail Infill
Grating Fence
Grating Fence
Bridge Deck
Grating For Bridge Deck
Grating For Ceiling
Sunshade Panels
Grating For Sunshade Panels
Balcony Fence
Grating For Balcony Fence
Grating For Ramps
Chair and Table
Grating For Chair and Table

Why Choose Us

  • All our gratings are manufactured directly from our factory
  • We are experts in manufacturing extensive grating types
  • We are ISO certified
  • Our company strictly follows a quality control system
  • Large inventory stocks for gratings with standard sizes
  • Fast Delivery
  • Supports free sample
  • Accept customization
  • We offer special discounts for volume orders
Company Advantage
Grating Advantages

Grating Advantages

  • High bearing capacity
  • High-stress resistance
  • Excellent drainage function
  • Quality grating structure
  • Can be used for heat dissipation and ventilation
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove
  • Can be made with anti-skid serrations

Steel Grating ChartScreenshot 2022-12-19 212930

  • Q: Between crossing bar distance
  • q1: Between crossing bar distance (center to center)
  • T: Between bearing bar distance
  • t1: Between bearing bar distance (center to center)

Steel Grating Dimensions

  • 2210 x 1225mm
  • 2245 x 1175mm
  • 2245 x 1225mm
  • 2210 x 800mm
  • 2245 x 800mm
  • 2210 x 1175mm

Steel Grating Mesh Size

  • 66 x 99mm
  • 34 x 101mm
  • 33 x 33mm
  • 34 x 34mm
  • 34 x 38mm
  • Custom

Types of Safety Gratings

  • Security Steel Grating
  • Traction-Grip
  • O-grip Safety Grating
  • Diamond-Strut Grating
  • Interlocking Safety Grating

Custom Grating Details Confirmation

When ordering custom grating (bar), you must provide the following details:

  • Grating type
  • Bar size
  • Grating surface (plain or serrated)
  • Finish (unpainted, galvanized, or others)
  • Fastener style (if necessary)

FAQ of Gratings

What is the standard complaint of your gratings?

XIONGQIAN’s various types of grating meet the different standards:

  • ASTM
  • EN
  • BS
  • DIN
  • AS
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