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XIONGQIAN metal ceiling panels have a variety of attractive looks, colors, finishes, and types of materials. It is strong for any ceiling panel applications that enhance safety and longer life span. Lightweight and easier to install, safety from falling.

Our metal ceiling panels come in various thicknesses and styles. We can offer cost-effective customization according to your project application. Send us a direct message for queries!

3-Dimension Metal Ceiling Panels
3-Dimension Metal Ceiling Panels

Choose a lot of styles and patterns of 3-dimension ceiling panels. It has great resistance to corrosion, fire, and more.

Decorative Metal Ceiling Panels
Decorative Metal Ceiling Panels

Metal ceiling panels have plenty of patterns and designs. It has a different thickness suitable for architectural purposes.

Linear Metal Ceiling Panels
Linear Metal Ceiling Panels

Linear metal ceiling panels are simple but provide a unique appearance. Enhance durability and versatility but an affordable cost.

Metal Ceiling Textured Panels
Metal Ceiling Textured Panels

Metal ceiling panels have different textures, colors, and styles. It is customizable based on your project and demands.

Perforated Metal Ceiling Panels
Perforated Metal Ceiling Panels

There are plain and textured perforated metal ceiling panel options. It has different decorative perforation options.

Suspended Metal Ceiling Panels
Suspended Metal Ceiling Panels

Offer large benefits for non-residential buildings and help to save power energy supply. Designed in many sizes and designs.

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Why Choose XIONGQIAN Metal Ceiling Panels

Our metal ceiling panels have multiple color options and finishes. Suitable for various ceiling projects that enhance durability and aesthetic appearance for non-residential buildings.

XIONGQIAN made perfect metal ceiling panel designs for easier installation. We provide great property resistance to ensure good performance.

Metal Ceiling Panels


  • Offices
  • Educational institutions
  • Public buildings
  • Retail premises
  • Airports
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Exhibition spaces

Metal Paneling Advantages

Variety of looks- One of the popular looks is dull gray and silver. It has various styles and textures.

Resist Fire- It has high resistance from fire and provides a long escape time.

Waterproof- metals control water absorption and maintain their original color for a long time.

Long lasting- this is a metal composite material with extra strength that can last for decades.

Reduce energy bills- metal ceiling panels provide

Easier to install- Offer quick installation for large spaces.

Different Ways of Installation

1 Lay-in/Lay-on

Lay in Lay on System

2 Clip-in Tile

Clip-In Tile System

3 Hook-on Tile

Hook-On Tile System


  1. Has a strong ceiling solution
  2. Less moisture exposure prevents rotting and cracking
  3. Variety of finished options
  4. Powder coating, pre-coating, and baked polyester coating application methods
  5. Boost building aesthetics
  6. Improve airflow for a healthier environment
  7. High resistance from fire

Various Types of Metal Ceilings

Open Ceiling

Open ceilings are not only used to provide aesthetic appeal but to hide some cables. It improves great performance to all commercial and industrial spaces.

Linear Metal Ceiling

This is an elegant and open-type ceiling attainable in standard and custom sizes. It is combined with ventilation and lighting attainable in many lengths and styles.

Concealed Metal Ceiling

It is one of the popular metal ceiling choices. Conceals the whole space with excellent resistance from fire, reduces sound effects, and provides easy maintenance.

SAS Mesh

Aesthetically pleasing material perfect for ventilation and lighting. It has different mesh sizes and thickness and comes in different finishes.

Polynodal Ceiling

Great acoustic benefits and adaptability which offers less maintenance and easier installations.









Does Metal Ceiling Panels Affordable?

The prices are based on sizes, styles, and performance including installation method. We can also offer a friendly cost based on your ideal customization.

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